We Provide a Safe Working Environment – SpringHouse Coworking 

Safe Working Environment – SpringHouse Coworking

Coworking office culture is the new trend, setting modern standards for offices. With the consistent development of co-work spaces, more businesses are striving toward working in a collaborative environment. These modern offices provide companies with all sorts of facilities at affordable rates. That’s the main reason why most companies are shifting their businesses to flexible office spaces. 

It’s the duty of every company to build a safe environment for its employees. A flex office follows several steps and protocols to confirm the safety of its employees.  

Safety Protocols followed by Coworking Spaces 

The shared office spaces implement the following protocols in their offices to build a safe and secure space to work. 

Installation of Safety Equipment 

In every office, the basic safety equipment should be properly installed and must be in working condition. Equipment like the fire extinguisher, fire axe, and first aid kit is stocked properly in a flex office space, which aids the employees in a real emergency. 

The equipment helps employees to protect themselves from danger like office fire, injury, terrorist situations, natural disasters, etc. 

Planned Infrastructure 

A flexible office is constructed over a planned design. Safety measures and protocols are taken into consideration while building these offices. Open spaces, emergency staircases, and multiple safety exits are built to initiate proper evacuation during an emergency. 

The infrastructure of the modern offices is constructed using modern engineering, which protects the employees from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. 

Working Fire Alarm 

Fire alarms are very important, as in offices there are several factors which can cause a fire like a short circuit, smoking, etc. A little spark of fire can cause a serious disaster in offices, destroying life and property. The coworking space in Gurgaon installs fire alarms to deal with emergencies. 

The fire alarms consist of sensors that are triggered by the smoke and heat of a fire. The alarm alerts the employees in the initial phase, so they can easily evacuate the building. 

Competent and Trained Staff 

The Staff is highly trained and competent to act accordingly in time of an emergency situation. They help the employees evacuate and guide them to safety in times of potential risk. The trained security official also protects employees in times of social unrest and terrorism. 

Regular Maintenance 

In the new collaborative offices, the safety system, pipelines, and electrical wirings are inspected by the staff on a regular basis. The time-to-time inspection helps the staff to detect defects and fix them on time. Regular maintenance of the workspace reduces the risk of future emergencies. 

Regular maintenance of flex offices also makes businesses more efficient and productive than working in traditional workspaces. 

Follow COVID-19 Guidelines 

The coworking space in Delhi follows all the covid guidelines to provide a space for the employees. The collaborative offices check body temperature and provide sanitizers for the safety of the employees. Open spaces and seats are also provided by the shared offices, which promotes social distancing. 

Awareness and Training Programs 

The co-office space conducts regular awareness programs on safety and security, where they teach the employees safety measures, evacuation techniques, and mitigation steps. The flex office also conducts evacuation drills to prepare the employees for future risks. 

The awareness programs and drills train the employees to prepare their minds by keeping their composure and helping other coworkers in an emergency. 

At last 

Shifting your business to a coworking space not only unlocks productive perks but also enables a safe environment for your company. Rent a coworking space to expose your business to limitless opportunities, which promotes scalability and growth.