5 Ways to Build a Community at Your Coworking Space

QUIZ TIME: What, according to you, are the 3 Cs of Coworking?


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In the realm of the coworking industry, these are unequivocally, the most crucial aspects which set them apart from traditional offices. Coworking spaces host multi-domain professionals, diverse subject matter experts, and varied business owners – forming a rich tapestry of experiences and insights, a vibrant coworking community!

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In this article, we will delve into 5 different ideas to form a thriving community, for a harmonious workplace where people co-learn and grow together – indeed, a critical success factor for any coworking company.

  1. WELCOME YOUR NEW MEMBERS: Prepare a personalized welcome kit, arrange some nice décor, host a cake-cutting ceremony, share office layout, facilities and vicinity, familiarize them with your existing members, add them to official communication channels (WhatsApp, shared emails, newsletters etc.) offer assistance in setting up their workspace and consider providing introductory perks, for instance. a complimentary day of meeting room etc.

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  • HOST LIVELY EVENTS FOR FUN AND KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: Fun socials, mixers, festive feasts and gatherings, founders meet, industry specific conclaves, fitness sesh, musical gala, sports activity, stand-up comedy, live gigs, open mic, expert panel sessions- options galore! Such events foster a sense of belonging and networking opportunities – your recipe for an abuzz community.

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  • RECOGNITION, APPRECIATION AND CELEBRATING YOUR MEMBERS’ WINS: Leverage social media for your member shoutouts and spotlight their brands in your corporate newsletters, collaborate with their official pages, feature them in your latest coworking blogs, podcasts and testimonial videos for more user-generated content. Create forums to showcase their industry insights, implement member referral programs with gift cards and special perks to appreciate their efforts for spreading your positive buzz through ‘word of mouth’
  • GO GUNG-HO WITH BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABS: Increase the engagement quotient and interest levels of your members with exclusive product discounts and exciting offers through partnering with local businesses viz. FMCG essentials, Medical, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Gyms, Salons, Travel, Gifting, Clubs and Restro services among many others. Well, isn’t this what we were talking about; a win-win business relationship where brands get exposure and your members gain.

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  • FEEDBACK MATTERS: Practice online surveys, questionnaires, invite suggestions and use feedback as fuel for moving ahead– this has to be a continuous loop. The community manager is your enthusiastic company ambassador who nurtures this valuable community vibe, ensures smooth functioning and multitasks to maximize customer satisfaction. Remember to keep the dialogue open and improvements rolling.

Quick Pro-tip: In this ever-evolving co working space industry, it’s quintessential to unlearn, relearn and keep up with new trends and market insights while cultivating your superpower – Your Coworking Community.

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