Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Offices for your Business

  • Are you a professional freelancer seeking identity and credibility in your business?
  • Have you started your venture on a small scale and often worry about overhead costs?
  • Are you thinking of transforming your home-based business with easy access to professional services to wow your customers?
  • Do you want to improve collaboration with your remote teams?
  • Are you planning to establish your brand presence and operate in new markets more efficiently?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, our expert team at Spring House Coworking Virtual Office Solutions has got you covered.

With years of expertise and experience in coworking office space, our virtual office solutions across prime business and commercial zones blend the right set of technology-infused services apt for your work needs.

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What exactly is a Virtual Office?

Essentially, a virtual office business model provides a bouquet of services where customers pay a contract fee to use these services (which may be offered à la carte, as packages or as a membership subscription) enabling them to have a professional company presence without an actual or a physical office space. The concept is becoming increasingly popular with companies of all sizes, including foreign firms, self-employed, entrepreneurs, SMEs, established companies etc. leveraging a multitude of benefits from Virtual Office solutions.

Cool trivia: Chris Kern coined the term ‘virtual office’ in his column for the September 1983 issue of the American Way magazine. Kern used the term to describe the ‘possibility of doing business while on the go’ thanks to portable computers. (Source: Wikipedia)

So what are you waiting for?

Switch to Virtual Office Solutions and choose convenience, cost savings and more! Let’s find out how…

  • Avail seamless services for smooth functioning: Committed to providing space as a service, take your pick from mail-handling services, conference room access, desk space, IT services, reception services, storage space, GST registration, opening bank accounts, company registration and more.
  • Enjoy flexibility as you want: Leverage resources you need, only when you need, work from anywhere you wish, expand or scale down your business without the hassle of relocating or reworking on lease agreements, have no long-term contracts and above all, maintain a healthy work-life balance. Need we say more?

Interested in our virtual office packages?

  • Plan your growth, expand and penetrate into new markets: If your business operates in niche markets or has less physical presence in certain geographic areas, strategize and reap the benefits of virtual office solutions without investing in office spaces and hiring a local workforce.
  • Happy employees create happy customers: Best suited for remote teams, the virtual office model boosts employee productivity and also facilitates the hiring of the best talent, irrespective of where they are located.

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