Thursday Tea-tings

It’s your first day at a coworking space.
You are a stranger among an entirely new group of people.
You wonder how you would get to know the community.
Coworking spaces are housed with a ready pool of talent to help you out, no doubt. Without having to spend time on searching, interviewing or hiring people to work with; you can get your tasks completed faster, for sure.
However, to become known to all these thriving entrepreneurs inside a coworking space, you would have to be slightly open to interacting with new faces and talents.
Coworking spaces make it easier by conducting various humor and lighthearted activities that can help break the ice between coworkers.
Martini Mondays, Wada-pao Wednesdays, Thirsty Tea-tings, Friday Beers et al, have proved time and again that snacks and beverages are one of the greatest social enablers (even science says that) and so a weekly happy hour at coworking spaces gives all members the chance to mingle and talk about their work, their lives, and just whatever’s on their mind.
Once in a while for a twist, Spring House Coworking designated a theme called Movie Night where coworkers watched a classic flick in a contemporary and comfy movie-hall set-up with popcorn and Coke.
Coworking spaces do whatever speaks to their audience.
It’s certainly more fun to go to work with people we’re comfortable with and coworking spaces always take the initiative to create familiarity and friendships between its coworkers.
#Springsters at Spring House Noida had an amazing evening getting to know each other better over steaming cups of tea, coffee and plates full of samosas.