The Best Coworking Prime Location of MG Road, Gurgaon

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Often creative people need their own space and time to bring the best out of themselves. I, as a writer, often find it difficult to focus on one thing and find myself longing for places that suit my style and engage my mind to write my thoughts down the way I want. That is when coworking spaces come into the picture. Coworking is the place where many businesses and people can open their minds to. In this article, we are going to discuss what coworking spaces are, what they offer, and how they are beneficial.

Prime Location

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, JMD Regent Arcade is one of the most prized possessions of the JMD group. Spread over 1.97 Acres, JMD Regent Arcade falls under one of the prime locations of Gurgaon- MG Road. Seen from the main road, this commercial complex raises the bar for other malls, with large, efficient floor plates and wide column spaces offering the benefits of optimal space utilization, cutting costs, and implementing operational efficiencies.


Just to state for the record, you can’t just walk straight into a coworking space to stroll. That is just one of the many features that these shared office spaces provide. You must book a visit first as I did. As the Logo suggests, this coworking space puts a good spring in the working of the business. By spring I generally mean better growth and chances of improvement of the business. This shared office space is armed with amenities that will make you feel like you are working in an office yet feel at home. Going further, I will describe the specifications that I was dumbstruck to see.


I have worked in many offices before starting my own thing. Traditional office spaces usually give the old adage of the hectic and boring 9-5 job. However, this coworking space changed my view of how the present businesses operate and how the future of office spaces is going to take a whole different shape. There are cabins fully equipped with stationery items and office essentials for your everyday need. With a proper layover of GPS cables and a wireless network, there is no shortage of internet for your business. Cabins are decorated with handwritten quotes and sticky notes that motivate you and make you laugh every time you look at them.

The walls are decorated with beautiful pieces of art and craft and the mirrors are filled with work-related and funny things in equal measure. With a centralized air-conditioning system, beat the searing heat by relaxing under the chilling system. Hallways are covered by soft mats and cabins are equipped with sliding doors and hanging lamps to brighten your day. There is also a provision for a bio-metric system of entry & exit of employees ensuring you keep track of the timing of your employees and in the case of any indiscipline, act upon it with immediate effect.

Whenever your tummy rumbles with hunger, the in-house pantry is there to quench your hunger pangs. From delicious thirst-quenching drinks to mouth-watering snacks, you can eat anything you feel like. Also, you can smoke… yes smoke in the open areas provided just for leisure stuff like this.

There are dedicated tables and chairs to go with a mix of meeting rooms, flexible seats, and event spaces, so you don’t feel all exhausted at the fag end of the day and attend to your clients from time to time. Add to that, the housekeeping facility ensures that every time you go anywhere you land in the lap of cleanliness.

My Experience

While exploring the coworking space, I found a couple of freelancers who engaged with me on a random basis. The fact that freelancers and businesses are both working together under one roof just exemplifies the fact that coworking spaces help to scale the business and help them gain new leads and provide a chance to collab with freelancers. With options of no time limits, there is the flexibility of work that the present generation yearns for. Also, whenever one feels bored or tired there are breakout zones, where you can connect with yourself or simply put rest or relax anytime you feel like it.

I was just chatting casually with the freelancers when I incidentally asked them about the rent they pay. That was when the exciting part came. The amount I heard blew my mind off. All these facilities under one roof for such a low amount that at first, I could not believe it. That is when realization dawned why I hear that coworking spaces are the best thing going on today.

All these things are covered under one roof, which otherwise can double or sometimes triple in the case of traditional office spaces. It is the perfect space for people from different fields to come together and work in unity.


After reading everything, there is just one conclusion that anyone can arrive at. The fact that shared office spaces are in demand, one can see why. With almost every facility one can think of covered in a budget-friendly amount, one can see no reason why you should not pick up your phone and give a call on 9899936669 or drop a mail to