Not Just About Writing!

For one month, 10 young students would head down to Spring House Coworking in Galleria every Sunday, where they would hone their creative writing skills with the help of a program called, UnEarth, which is the brainchild of the very talented Manmeet Narang.


Manmeet Narang is a behavioral trainer whose work with children, parents and teachers revolves around making people think, reflect and discover themselves.


She is the founder of Sailing Leaf, an ecosystem that has been helping children in expressing and understanding the art of self-expression and creative writing since two years with programs like UnEarth.


In her words, “Creative expression can take any form. It can dress up as a story or sway in breeze like a song! Sometimes it can punch you in the face as a slogan or tickle you like a jingle!”


UnEarth, a creative writing program held at Spring House Coworking gave kids the exposure and opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in any and every form.


Every Sunday morning, the kids met with Manmeet and with her unique, fun methods she tickled their creative minds to come up with writings that amazed everyone. One of the kids, Arnav Gulati, grade 6th student at Suncity School, Gurugram, wrote a letter to God.


“I have gone over this gazillion times and now I just have to say it. God! Your selection is pathetic. Couldn’t you have placed the clouds downwards and made the rain go upwards like fountains. When you had the choice! It would have been more fun that way.”

We asked Manmeet how she feels when she unearths this beautiful side of kids and she humbly said, “Isn’t it wonderful to see so many smiling faces around, it’s a small step in making the world happier.”


Two coworkers of the Spring House Coworking who also took part alongside the kids said, “Reading and interacting with young students is such an “inspiring” experience. Working out of a coworking spaces is always full of good surprises.”