Just like your office, except it is not ‘only’ yours!

We have all seen those lone entrepreneurs or start-up groups sitting in cafes trying to get work done; or functioning out of somebody’s residence. Both places come with their own set of distractions and administrative hassles.
Co-working; a style of work using shared work spaces can be very useful for all such entrepreneurs and freelancers. A co-working space is just like your office, except that it is not ‘only’ yours!

So why should one opt for Co-working?

Saves Money

The first and most important benefit of this style of work is that it is extremely cost-effective. Start-ups and freelancers need not invest in a place of their own and can, on the other hand; use the same capital for other purposes.

Saves Energy

Various people having different skill sets and coming from a multitude of domains work under the same roof. Hence, you have solutions to all your work requirements right beside you. This saves you long commutes necessary for networking.

Saves Time

Imagine a start-up that requires designers, writers, marketing personnel, and the like. As these people are already working out of the same place as you, there is a ready pool of talent to help you out. Without having to spend time on searching, interviewing or hiring people to work with; you can get your tasks completed faster.

Improves focus and efficiency

If you have ever tried working from home, you are aware of the many distractions coming your way thanks to door bells, ringing telephones, and visitors. Co-working spaces provide you an environment conducive for work and growth.
Moreover, all the operational systems like electricity, water supply, coffee machines, conference rooms, printing services are taken care of and you need not worry about any problems on the logistics front.

Work when you want

Don’t we all hate the 9-5 slots; which in reality just don’t end soon? At a co-working space, you can go and work whenever you want. So whether you are a night owl or an early riser, office timing will not dictate when you can come or leave.
Most co-working spaces are open 24/7; even on holidays. There is no reason why you should sit at home on Republic Day or Diwali if you are feeling creative and can get a lot of work done.
Web designers, architects, language trainers, translators, writers, journalists, film-makers- the co-working space is a large pool of infinite talent and resources. Get yourself a place, and see your business grow rapidly.