Is Your Company Too Big for Coworking? Here’s Why Managed Offices are the Best Solution for You

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Coworking spaces are flexible offices that offer everything modern professionals need to unlock maximum productivity. Especially for startups and small businesses, coworking is a boon if you think about how cost-effective it is.

But what about enterprises and MNCs? These are the type of companies that don’t often consider coworking spaces since they have a large workforce to accommodate. You’ll most likely see their offices in multi-story towers with shiny glass windows. But does this mean the big leagues can’t enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of coworking? Absolutely not.

If your company is too big for coworking but you still want the agility of coworking spaces combined with the amenities you’re used to, managed offices are just what you need. 

Even global tech giants like Google are leading the shift to managed offices in India. What makes these spaces so special? We’ll find out in this blog.

What are Managed Offices?

Businesses today want to have their cake and eat it too; they want workplace flexibility but without the accompanying real estate and operational costs. Renting a traditional office space isn’t cutting it any longer for them.

If you’re looking for that just right shade of blue or a certain arrangement of work stations, for example, a standard coworking space will not work. Investing in more real estate or revamping your existing office to customize it will no doubt be expensive. With managed offices, you get a blank canvas that you can design and tweak according to your preferences. 

In simple terms, managed offices are the perfect hybrid between coworking offices and traditional offices. They give you the flexibility to design your office how you want without worrying about its upkeep. 

Benefits of Managed Offices for Large Teams

Managed offices are perfect for medium and large companies. Here are a few reasons why you can already start thinking about ditching your traditional office setup for these versatile spaces –

  1. Keep Your Brand Identity Intact

Moving to flexible spaces doesn’t mean you need to part ways with your brand identity. Whether you want to splash your brand colors on the walls or place the furniture in a specific arrangement, managed spaces give you a free hand to design a space that reflects your brand image.

But what if you’re only renting a small space in the managed office? You can still customize it to reflect your brand ethos while enjoying full privacy. 

  1. Versatile, Headache-free Spaces

What’s wrong with renting traditional office spaces you ask? Inflexibility. These spaces usually come with long-term leases that tie you up for many many years. This means that if you suddenly decide to switch things up, you have to simply wait it out until the lease expires.

With managed offices, you are free to select a plan that works for you. Whether it’s a monthly reservation or a downright annual subscription, you can opt for a plan that gives you more room for adjustments. 

What’s more? As the provider manages these spaces end-to-end, you don’t have to bother about managing support functions like admin, maintenance, etc. All you need to do is pay and start going about your business.

  1. Keeps Operational Costs Low

The best thing about managed offices compared to leasing and managing your own office is the amount of money you save. Amenities and utilities like printers, high-speed internet, refrigerators, etc., are included in your fixed plan. You don’t need to spend time and money on the office’s maintenance, because everything is ‘managed.’

  1. Scalable Model

Are you planning to open offices in new cities? Or hire more employees in the next few years? While growth and expansion are the goals of every business, quickly adjusting can be challenging and expensive.

The solution? Managed offices. Why? Because they’re scalable. You can easily reserve managed spaces in new cities or upgrade your existing plan to accommodate every big and small requirement of your growing business.

Make Your Move with Spring House Coworking

More and more companies are offering attractive perks to their workforce. Employees today want flexibility, a refreshing work environment, and perks that go beyond just a hefty package.

Spring House’s managed offices are designed specifically to accommodate all the unique requirements of your enterprise. Our end-to-end managed office solution offers maximum customization and modern-day amenities so you can focus on growth and productivity.

And did we say we’re super affordable too? Get in touch with us to reserve your desired workplace today.