Fire Drills at Coworking Spaces in Delhi  

Fire Drills at Coworking Spaces in Delhi

The concept of coworking spaces is transforming the current working scenario. The idea of a collaborative environment for freelancers, startups, and businesses to work under one roof has shown promising progress. The co-office spaces provide a lot of facilities that boost the productivity of a business.   

For building an ideal workspace, it’s important to keep track of safety. The shared-work spaces follow every type of risk assessment and safety protocol to build a secure workspace for the employees.  

Among various risks, fire is the most hazardous to the working environment. The Co-working offices carry out fire risk assessments and drills to prepare for the fire hazards.  

What causes Fire in offices?  

In a coworking space, various conditions are created that result in combustion, such as: 

Short-circuits – Offices are filled with electrical appliances and equipment, creating a heavy load of electricity fluctuation. This can result in an electrical born fire.  

Pantry-Fire– shared-office space has in-house pantry services. Mismanagement of the kitchen can lead to gas leakage which can cause serious fire damage.  

Unorganized cables– Offices contain various electrical systems such as desktops, printers, scanners, etc, where organized cable management is essential. A messy workspace can lead to electric leakage, which can cause a potential fire. 

Smoking – There are smoking areas in an office. But sometimes disposing of burning cigarettes can cause a fire emergency. So, always remember to dispose of your cigarettes properly. 

What is a Fire Drill?  

  1. A fire drill is an emergency simulation to practice the evacuation process. It prepares the people for a fire emergency or hazardous situation. A fire drill starts by creating a situation similar to that of a fire emergency.  
  1. First, the security team turns on the fire alarms. They cover up the lifts and open fire exit passages. Then they guide everyone inside to evacuate the building through the emergency staircases.   
  1. This exercise also trains and teaches people to be calm and composed while evacuating the risks. In co-work spaces, there are various potential risk factors that can cause a fire. That’s why regular fire drills are very important in office spaces.  

Why is Fire Drills Important at work?  

Regular fire drills can be frustrating at times but are very important. It prepares us for a greater emergency.   

  • It mentally alerts the coworkers of the emergency situation.  
  • Prepares the employees to leave the office room quickly and safely in case of a real emergency  
  • Helps the people to know and get used to the emergency routes.  
  • It trains everybody to learn fire extinguishing techniques.   
  • It also teaches the coworkers to operate fire extinguishing equipment.  


Fire is a very serious hazard and fire evacuation drill saves thousands of lives. The fire drill is the best mitigation method adapted by a coworking space in Delhi NCR.  The drills make employees confident, efficient, and aware of the risks and prepare them for unpredictable emergencies.