Frequently Asked Questions

What membership plans does Spring House offer?


Simply pick a seat (subject to availability, in the common area) that takes your fancy and plug in.



A desk in a coworking space that is yours. No one else will use it while you’re gone, and you’ll always know there’s a spot waiting for you when it’s time to work.



If you prefer working with your team behind closed doors, a private team cabin is the right option for you.

What are our co-working hours?

You can work at your desk or cabin whenever you prefer to however our staff is generally available at each location between 9 AM – 6 PM local time (Monday- Saturday).

How should I make an appointment for a tour?

Schedule a tour a day or two in advance. Call us at +91 9899936669 or email us at to request a tour.

What's our pet policy?

We reserve the right to restrict your ability to bring your pet at our discretion.

How do I reserve a conference room?

The community manager of each location will guide you through a simple process. However, it would be great if you can inform/enquire about a conference room well in advance.

Who is a community manager?

A community manager handles the day-to-day operations of a coworking space. Their role is such that you can focus on your business while they take care of the rest. Whatever may be your requirement, a community manager is always a shout or call away. Also, whenever in doubt, contact your community manager.

What size conference rooms do we have?

Conference room size varies per location. Generally, our conference rooms accommodate teams of 4–15.

If I book a conference room at the wrong location. How do I change it?

Inform the community manager well in advance (minimum 2 hours prior).

How do I register my guests for the conference room?

The community manager of your location will assist your guests through a seamless one-time kyc process upon arrival.

Can I register guests for my workspace?

If you would like to have a guest or two (few) work with you for the day, you are welcome to reserve a conference room.

Can guests visit me in my private cabin?

Yes. Just make sure you inform the community manager well in advance and have your guests register via kyc upon arrival.

Is there a retainer required to secure a dedicated desk or private cabin?

Yes. Please connect with our sales team at +91 9899936669 or email us at for more information.

When do I have to let Spring House know I'm moving out?

Members with dedicated desks or private cabins are required to give a one-month prior to moving out.

Is it possible to transfer to another Spring House coworking location?

Yes! If the Spring House coworking of your choice of location has availability, we will ensure a seamless transfer.

Does Spring House coworking give referral rewards?

Yes, very happily! Speak to your community manager as the rewards are subjective in nature.

Does Spring House coworking provide spaces for teams larger than 15 people?

Yes, just share your thoughts with your community manager and we’ll curate a well-suited space for you. You may also connect with our sales team at +91 9899936669 or email us at for specific information.

Does Spring House charge late fees?

Please see your membership agreement or connect with your community manager.