Does We Work Really Work? 

If your idea of a coworking space is opulent, fancy interiors and a high-end commercial location, we’d say We Work is the best option for you. After all, the company does serve large, established companies comprising millennials and Gen Zs with elegantly-designed workspaces. 

But if you’re looking for a place that balances function with ambiance, we bet you know pretty spaces alone won’t cut it. There’s more to coworking spaces than just a prime location and “aesthetic”. And while WeWork quickly rose to fame, its reputation came crashing down like a pile of dust after its 2019 valuation disaster. 

A Corporate Spinoff on Coworking 

Expensive furniture, walls lined with #positivity quotes, and a barely-there sense of community. That’s WeWork for you. We’d go so far as to say that it’s a clever corporate spinoff on coworking. 

If you’ve ever worked out of coworking spaces, you’ll know they thrive on an active community. Yes, a well-designed space matters. Yes, good coffee keeps you going.

But a big chunk of coworkers wants a practical yet affordable space with ample networking opportunities. And WeWork miserably fails on these fronts. Its spaces have a batch-processed feel with zero interaction between members and owners. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. This new-age coworking space has received a user rating of all of 1.6 stars on TrustPilot, a review platform. 

Your Local Coworking Spaces are Better than WeWork. Any Day 

The pandemic caused a coworking boom, with many shared offices mushrooming across cities. But these spaces offer something incredible that big chains like WeWork don’t – they are sustained by a thriving community of coworkers and genuinely care about their growth. Unlike WeWork, they don’t rouse interest through a clever use of aesthetics, PR, and branding. 

If you’re searching for the best coworking space in Delhi NCR or Gurugram, here’s why you need to book a trial at Spring House Coworking right away. 

  1. We Blend Aesthetics with Functionality 

Our offices are designed not just for the right aesthetic impression, but also to serve functionality. From individual workstations to private conference rooms, our spaces look just as good as they feel to work in. From the initial setup to daily management, we take care of everything else so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business!  

  1. We Help You Build Your Tribe  

At Spring House, our spaces thrive on community-building. In fact, we actively encourage members to seek each other out and just, you know, talk. We take this a notch up by organizing fun, informal events where members can find each other.

For example, we recently organized our first edition of Springster Premier League where members across Spring House locations connected over an exciting cricket match! 

We understand our members are unique and so are their requirements. And we don’t hesitate to go out of our way to accommodate them all. Do you want to engage with people and grow your network? We’ve got you covered. Do you enjoy a quiet space with zero disturbance? You got it. Just ask! 

  1. Everything You Need Under One Roof 

We go beyond just high-speed internet and tea and coffee. Are colourful bean bags your jam? Do you need 20 additional plants to get in the zone? We customize your space exactly how you’d like. No questions asked. 

At Spring House, we give you: 

  1. In-house pantry 
  1. Printer and scanner 
  1. Mail handling 
  1. Visitor management system 
  1. Events space 
  1. Housekeeping 
  1. Meeting rooms 
  1. Power backup 
  1. Break-out zones 
    When you step into a Spring House center, you can summon anything you want by simply picking up the phone.   
  1. We’re Affordable. Period. 

Our list wouldn’t end without mentioning this super important detail. Running a business is expensive but booking a space at Spring House Coworking isn’t.

Our flexible member plans are easy on the pocket, which means you can reserve spaces for your entire team and unlock max productivity without worrying about massive bills.  

We Work Better Than WeWork! 

WeWork might have put coworking on the map, but coworking is not WeWork. Don’t get fooled by a fancy setup, prime location, and insanely high membership fee. A coworking space is so much more than that.  

So if you’re ready to make the switch from pretty to practical, Spring House Coworking is waiting for you. We’ll go to the lengths of the Earth to ensure the space, cost, and environment work for you. And then if you need something more, we’ll add that too.

Are we the best out there? Maybe. Maybe not.

Book a trial today and tell us your thoughts!