Current Entrepreneurship Trends And Why They Matter

“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident”​ – Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. True to its core, business agility necessitates the zeal to adapt to new trends in the realm of industry.

This article delves into the buzzing trends as navigating through this dynamic business landscape is a key foundational factor for a future-ready entrepreneur.

1. Email marketing and its grand comeback: How favorable is it to have own your list of subscribers aka stakeholders aka clients? Pretty amazing, right? An effective email is a powerful tool to share your company milestones, your new launch, an effective sales proposal with a value point you can offer and to increase your overall website engagement and traffic.

2. Flexible workspaces – the driving force of productivity: At FICCI India Flexible Workspace Summit 2023’ the discussion was centered around transforming smart cities into vibrant economic centers through the pivotal role of the flexible space industry. Establishing flex workspaces in non-metro smart cities aims to alleviate congestion in major urban areas and foster the development of dynamic economic hubs across India, promoting balanced growth. This session highlighted the attraction towards flexible workspaces from companies amid the increased demand for enhanced workspace experiences beyond traditional offices.

3. Let Social media algorithms work its magic: Keeping up with the ever-fluctuating social media algorithms facilitates conscious decisions to promote your offerings in new ways, enhance your website traffic, engage in industry conversations, understand users’ profiles and sharpen content relevance for your target market.

4. Mobile commerce rings the cash register: Use of smartphones and tabs for online transactions is one of the best ways to offer personalized customer experiences with the brand. Multiple elements which ease the process could be shopping, banking, payment, inventory management, targeted marketing and customer support services.

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5. The glory of Gig economy: A 2022 report by the Boston Consulting Group estimates that the gig economy has the potential to serve up to 90 million jobs (roughly 30% of India’s non-farm workforce) In addition to cost advantage, entrepreneurs can benefit from this workforce by getting support for short-term projects, reduced healthcare expenses and a diverse pool of talent. As India’s gig economy continues to grow, it is imperative to recognize the significant contribution of coworking spaces in supporting and nurturing this vibrant sector.

6. Social responsibility matters to business: CSR actions are just not another type of PR stunt; they resonate with the positive brand image, crucial for strong positioning, and standing out from the clutter to find true brand differentiation. Environmentally conscious policies, products, strategies and mode of operations have a positive impact on customer psyche.

7. Finding your Niche market is a gamechanger: Focusing on your flagship product to target a specific group pf audience will help your brand to achieve a whole new personifications/ brand identity in the vast marketplace.

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8. Embrace emerging technologies: The digital landscape offers limitless opportunities and, in the pursuit, to remain relevant and keep thriving, adopting emerging technologies such as blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality among others will help you unlock new business models and revenue streams.

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