Coworking, the new office for all generations

What started as a make-shift work space for digital nomads to have a place to work out of has quickly transformed into a billion-dollar industry which is currently impacting the lives of millions of workers across the globe.

Coworking spaces provide their members with more than just WiFi, a comfortable workstation, tasty meals and good hospitality, they add a whole new value to one’s life by welcoming them in their community. So much value that one of the front runners of the coworking model in the US is valued just second to Uber and AirBNB. That tells us one thing for sure, just like taxis and hotels, coworking spaces have made their mark and there are now almost 50,000 of them across the globe.

After all, who would not like to conduct their business in a seamless environment without the hassles of running an office space. Be it Fortune 500 companies or SME’s, startups or freelancers, a coworking space is for all types and sizes of businesses.

Here are some of the reasons why coworking has proved a wiser option to work out of than the good old company office.

  1. It’s a perfect hybrid of hospitality and technology.
  2. It might be slightly more expensive than working from a coffee shop or even your home however the environment is much more conducive to work.
  3. You can kiss goodbye to headaches like office furniture, renovation, electricity, housekeeping, etc.
  4. No long term commitment or up-front costs, just pay for the time you want like a day or half, a month or a year, it’s all good.
  5. The luxury of meeting privately with your clients in dedicated meeting and conference rooms.
  6. You can test-drive a coworking space by taking a free day trial before you make a decision to move in.
  7. The atmosphere is pro-social which allows each member to actively participate in on-going activities and events and encourages networking, after all a coworking space is only as big as its community.

The list of reasons can go on however it depends on what kind of a workplace and community you are opting for. Test drive a coworking space near you and your approach to office space will never be the same.