Common myths about co-working

 Not many know the details about how co-working spaces function. These top 5 myths are part of what we call ‘half knowledge’, that is dangerous.

1. Co-working is only for start-ups and freelancers

Anyone who thinks they can benefit from a co-working space can avail its benefits; including big businesses.

2. Co-working is just a desk and chair

No. Co-working spaces offer everything from conference rooms and printing facilities to food and beverage services.

3.There is no privacy

Co-working spaces offer various types of desks/cubicles/cabins depending on your preferences.

4.All spaces are the same

Different co-working spaces offer different amenities and whether you are an architect, a band, a soft-skills trainer or a robotics engineer, you can choose a space that meets your requirements.

5. It is the same as working from home

Co-working is as convenient as working from home but minus the distractions.
All common myths have been busted, so let no more excuses keep you away from a co-working membership.