Coworking Spaces: Corporate’s New BFF to Cut Costs

Cutting costs and boosting efficiency have a permanent seat on every corporate’s growth plans. And they’ve found just the right solution with coworking spaces.  These spaces have been a hit among entrepreneurs and freelancers for years but are rapidly becoming corporate’s favourite in the post-pandemic landscape. If you think coworking spaces are just a trend, […]

How Coworking Can Help Your Enterprise Grow and 5 Brands That Got It Right

The pandemic has altered how companies, regardless of their size, operate. And coworking spaces have stepped up their game to meet these changing needs.  Coworking has evolved into a full-fledged phenomenon. These cool spaces are no more just limited to their aesthetics and charms. They are efficient, flexible, and cost-effective – the answer to all […]

Future of Coworking Spaces in Delhi and Gurgaon 

Springhouse - Shared office spaces

Coworking spaces have already become a household name today and it’s believed to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In fact, the industry has grown by over 400% since 2010. Research shows that this type of working arrangement could lead to more productivity and fulfillment.  Coworking is here to stay, but […]

Busting Myths on Coworking Spaces 


In recent years the corporate lifestyle has boomed on a significant scale. Likewise, many new businesses have started to establish themself in the market as brands. The changes have brought experts and organizations of different domains under one roof. The idea of coworking emerged to provide flexible spaces to all these businesses.  Collaborative spaces are […]

Open Desks- A New Way to Enable Flexible Working 


Coworking spaces have become a popular way to work. The benefits of coworking are numerous and include flexibility, affordability, and amenities. However, the open desk can take things to the next level by offering a combination of flexibility and affordability that simply cannot be found in traditional office spaces. Listed below are the key advantages […]

We Provide a Safe Working Environment – SpringHouse Coworking 

Safe Working Environment – SpringHouse Coworking

Coworking office culture is the new trend, setting modern standards for offices. With the consistent development of co-work spaces, more businesses are striving toward working in a collaborative environment. These modern offices provide companies with all sorts of facilities at affordable rates. That’s the main reason why most companies are shifting their businesses to flexible […]