Busting Myths on Coworking Spaces 


In recent years the corporate lifestyle has boomed on a significant scale. Likewise, many new businesses have started to establish themself in the market as brands. The changes have brought experts and organizations of different domains under one roof. The idea of coworking emerged to provide flexible spaces to all these businesses. 

Collaborative spaces are generally equipped with all types of facilities and provide businesses with a complete working environment. But with all the positive perks, there are a lot of myths about coworking spaces. These myths force organizations to reconsider their plans to take their businesses to shared office spaces. 

In this blog, we will discuss these myths and debunk them. So, they don’t become a hindrance when you choose a coworking space for your business. The myths around shared offices include: 

Lack of Privacy at Work 

A shared office space creates a collaborative environment. These offices are shared by multiple employees and organizations. But it doesn’t mean coworking tosses away your privacy. 

You can customize your offices with glass cabins, which keeps your privacy in check. Shared offices also provide flexible desks and meeting rooms that take care of your privacy by providing a noise-free working environment. 

Only for Startups and Freelancers 

Initially, the idea of creating collaborative infrastructure was to help new businesses and freelancers. But with time co-work spaces have become a very popular go-to choice for mid and big organizations. If you ever visit any flexible office, you will see a lot of known brands. 

The coworking spaces allow us to rent sufficient number of seats and cabins at a reasonable price, which motivates big enterprises to shift their businesses to these spaces. 

Same as working from a Coffee Shop 

Many think working from a coworking space is the same as working from a coffee shop. But if you ever rent a coworking space for your business, you will understand the difference. A coffee shop will only provide a flexible environment, but a shared office space offers much more. 

A co-office space provides exclusive facilities, and most importantly, it opens up a room full of opportunities. You can collaborate, get access to world-wide talents, explore your creativity, and build a strong network in a flex office space. 

Coworking spaces are unsafe 

This myth about coworking spaces is totally false. The coworking spaces in Gurgaon are one of the safest places to work.  

Fire-fighting equipment and first aids are installed in these offices as per safety protocols. Apart from the regular fire and safety drills are also performed to train the employees in times of crisis, 24/7 security and camera surveillance provides extra safety to the employees. 

Expensive Rents 

The best coworking space in Delhi NCR provides many facilities like housekeeping, high-speed internet, cafeteria, meeting rooms, printing services, etc. So, it’s quite natural for people to assume coworking spaces are expensive. But in reality, the scenario is totally different. 

Choosing a co-office space for your business is affordable. The rent for desks, cabins, and services is less in comparison to traditional offices. On top of that, you can save money on organizing and maintaining your office-related expenses. 

At a Glance 

There are many myths about flex offices, and these myths often create confusion. Modern working spaces are built to help businesses grow. The shared office spaces in Gurgaon provide one of the best facilities to the employees. So, if you are looking for an office space, you should go for a collaborative workspace.