Age is just a number

We’ve heard this saying time and again and never grow tired of hearing it yet another time.
So, there you go!
By 26 years of age, Toshendra Sharma, the kid with a flute, as often seeing playing while taking work breaks, has made the IT world more secure.
Well, secure enough that they couldn’t help but name him a 30 under 30.
Why exactly?
His brainchild and more importantly the savior of mobile apps from hackers and attackers. It detects security flaws and we could go on but that was enough to bag four major global markets US, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. The awards further validate that his clients are particularly happy with the results.
Governments and businesses are now fully aware of the threats of data security breach and with AppVigil making the right noise at the right time, we are certainly heading towards a more secure cyber atmosphere.
Toshendra enjoys doing business from a coworking space and looks well set to address and disrupt the cyber-security sector with his constant and inspiring innovations.