Ace Your Office Design to Foster Creativity and Productivity

Office Design to Foster Creativity and Productivity

Can office design make you feel Monday blues all through the week?  

Imagine showing up at a lacklustre, uninspiring office space day in and out. Can’t be good for your productivity, can it?  

Flexible desks, well-lit rooms, and breakout spaces for impromptu chats are more than just “perks” workers expect today.  

Give them a thoughtfully-designed space and watch them do their best work each day. 

Yes, office design makes a ton of difference in a professional’s experience at work. For example, did you know the colour yellow can instantly do wonders for your mood? Or how ‘zen corners’ can evoke feelings of serenity and calm? 

Don’t just take our word for it. A Capital One research reveals that 90% of employees admit they are more productive in well-designed workspaces!  

To actually help people perform their best, workplaces need to go beyond the basics. Here’s why (and how) good office design boosts productivity.  

Flexible Spaces for Work and Play 

Gone are the days of drab, monotone cubicles. Workplaces that don’t care about design are, well, simply outdated.  

“Flexibility” might sound like a buzzword to the sceptics but, trust us, it works. Flexible office design is all about creating spaces that serve different needs. Think breakout areas with easily moveable furniture that double as outdoor meeting spaces. Or meeting rooms where workers can take a break and engage in high-stakes foosball tournaments.  

The idea is to give people just the spaces they need, just when they need it. The result – less running around and more productivity.  

Colours Change the Game 

Colour is a language we all speak. 

There’s a reason why certain colours are associated with certain moods. We’ll not get into the science of why different shades of blue can make you feel either calm or suddenly lively.  

But if you pore over pages upon pages of research done on colour psychology, you will see how the colour of office walls affects people’s moods.  

Take a study by the University of Texas, for example. It reveals that employees in offices with white, grey, or beige walls experience lower productivity than those in offices with colourful walls.  

But, as always, context matters. A light blue shade makes for a calming and stable environment. This can be excellent for detail-oriented functions like IT or Accounting. But this may not be the right hue for a brainstorming area that, say, marketing folks high on caffeine use for inspiration. Too overwhelming? Leave the confusion to us. Our spaces balance the science and psychology of colours so you don’t have to. 

Let There Be Light  

Slogging away day after day in a dark and stuffy room can quickly leave workers feeling like inmates.  

According to research by Harvard Business Review, natural light and outdoor views improve employee experience, encouraging them be more productive.  

But, of course, not all offices have the luxury of endless natural light. In such cases, artificial lighting is your best friend. Use full spectrum bulbs to mimic natural light, keeping the atmosphere warm and easy on the eyes.  

Quick Tip: Add indoor plants to improve air quality and turn your office into a green heaven. 

Breakout Spaces for All Play and No Work 

Modern offices across the world have fallen in love with the concept of breakout spaces. So much so that they’re creating these areas regardless of their office size.  

But what makes these unstructured spaces so amazing? Working out of the same space all day can take a toll on your mental health and leave you feeling like a zombie. You don’t want to end your day feeling mentally drained now, do you? Breakout areas offer a change of scene. They’re great to catch up with colleagues, take a break, or play a quick game of Table Tennis.  

Some companies see breakout areas as an unnecessary luxury. But you know what they say about all work and no play. This is why you’ll see the biggest employers (think Google) spend so heavily on spaces meant exclusively for play.  

Great Office Design Equals Increased Productivity 

What’s the key to acing the modern workplace vibe? Productivity, creativity, and collaboration.  

Now, we know that designing an exceptional space that gives everyone what they want, when they want is tricky. And expensive.  

This is where coworking spaces come into the picture. These managed offices give users state-of-the-art design combined with functionality. They allow teams of all sizes to enjoy the perks of a modern workplace without worrying about huge bills. Win-win for all! 

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