8 Types of Coworking Spaces and Which Is the Best for Your Business

8 Types of Coworking Spaces and Which Is the Best for Your Business

Are you looking to make a switch from your stuffy old office to a well-designed and organized coworking space?

Cubicles and poorly thought-out office spaces are slowly becoming history. Flexible, creative, and modern coworking spaces are taking over. 

From a simple open floor plan to high-end luxe spaces, there is a coworking office in every corner of the world and for every business need.

Before choosing the right office, know the 8 major types of coworking spaces and pick the one best for your business. 

8 Types of Coworking Spaces for Modern Businesses

  1. Traditional Spaces – Everything You Want Under a Roof  

They are the OGs of coworking spaces. Traditional spaces offer all the basics you’d expect- private cabins, hot desks, meeting rooms, recreational lounges, and a kitchen. You can rent a desk or office daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Traditional coworking offices have a close-knit community, making them ideal for collaboration, networking, learning, and sustainability.

These spaces are suitable for solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants, professionals working from home, and small businesses with small teams. Recently, even big corporations are turning to traditional coworking spaces for flexible work needs.

  1. Luxury Spaces for a Fancy Vibe 

These spaces are usually located in posh localities of big cities and offer all types of modern amenities. They dazzle with high-end interiors and have a pricey membership fee that includes private rooms, on-site restaurants, and other luxe amenities. You may also enjoy other perks like access to VIP events, restaurant discounts in the city, etc.

Put simply, they’re like five-star hotels for work. Some luxury coworking spaces also divide the community by membership type.

These spaces are ideal for client-facing big corporations that need to maintain a certain status and have the budget to do so.

  1. Minimal Spaces for No-frills and No-fuss

If all you need to be productive is Wi-Fi, a work desk, and a cup of coffee, then minimal coworking spaces are your go-to. They don’t provide additional amenities like traditional spaces but are perfect if affordability is your prime concern.

They offer open spaces with minimal decor and usually do not have private spaces or meeting rooms.

Minimal spaces are ideal for budding freelancers who don’t have a home office and solopreneurs who’ve just embarked on their startup journey.

  1. Family Spaces to Ace Work-life Balance

Childcare isn’t exactly what we have in mind when talking about coworking offices. But with millennials embracing self-employment and skyrocketing urban nuclear families, there is a growing demand for spaces that offer the best of both worlds – efficient workplace and child care.

These are child-friendly spaces with amenities like professional babysitters, healthy meals, playgrounds, excellent hygiene, etc. 

Family coworking spaces are ideal for freelancers, professionals working from home, and mumpreneurs.

  1. Niche-specific Spaces for Like-minded Professionals

Niche-specific or specialized coworking spaces serve a specific group of people who belong to the same industry or share the same interests. 

For example, female-focused spaces, dog-friendly spaces, LGBTQ+ spaces, coworking spaces for technology startups, etc. They allow members to collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals.

Niche-specific spaces are ideal for businesses looking to build their networks in the industry and collaborate on projects.

  1. Nomadic Spaces for Digital Nomads

Workations have become a popular trend thanks to a growing breed of ‘digital nomads’. Coworking spaces have been quick to accommodate this trend by allowing professionals to strike the right balance between work and leisure.

Nomadic spaces offer basics like coffee and Wi-Fi and were initially limited to coffee shops or the local Starbucks. But today, you can find these spaces in multiple locations like libraries, restaurants, hotels, and hostels.

These spaces are ideal for digital nomads who want to work from exotic destinations and get to know the local culture and business community.

  1. Corporate Spaces for Efficiency

Corporate coworking spaces are similar to luxury spaces but with a focus on corporate pragmatism. They come with ergonomic furniture, recreational rooms, excellent lighting, food courts, and other amenities to foster productivity and persistent work.

The primary goal of corporate coworking offices is to maximize member productivity by providing the best services and facilities.

These spaces are ideal for corporates that want dedicated spaces, flexible office layouts, and cabins of different sizes to allow their employees to work without distractions and without spending a lot on real estate.

  1. Incubator Spaces to Foster Innovation

With incubator coworking spaces, you get to experience the benefits of both – coworking and incubation. 

These spaces are not only restricted to startups but are also available for independent workers and freelancers. Incubator spaces are focused on providing members with the right advice and mentorship to help them grow their startups.

They are ideal for budding entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, developers, and engineers.

Find Your Match

The coworking industry is more dynamic than you believe. There are super niche spaces that allow you to connect with like-minded people, luxury spaces for high-end interiors, corporate spaces for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and spaces for anything and everything you require.

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