Spring House Squad

  • Mukul Pasricha
    Mukul Pasricha Wolf Pack Leader

    The subtle practice and aspiration of the producer of Spring House Coworking enunciates: ‘I will find you and help you grow’! His pure intent is to witness everyone sprout. Once he knows you, he will ensure that you get lucrative mentorship, collaborations and resources. If you know him, you’ll believe there’s goodness in the world and you’ll be compelled to humbly hustle.

  • Vedant Gupta
    Vedant Gupta Financial Wizard

    You don’t want to mess with this baniya brain running the Spring House Show! Accounts and finance are his ammunitions and a child’s play for him, and man! He’s a maverick at it. Approach this Sweetness and fun personified to kiss your number game worries a goodbye.

  • Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal Growth Shark

    Carries a golden heart and unearths the most lucrative spaces to be transformed as Spring House Coworking to nurture startups. Rohit bridges the gap between professional dreams and reality by navigating each individual to their dream workplace. He eats, drinks, talk and breathes his passion ie. Real Estate! So nudge him for all input and answers regarding it.

  • Abhilasha Nandal
    Abhilasha Nandal Ms. Magic Wand

    Beauty with a super creative brain and heart! She is the mastermind conceptualizing and executing all activities of the house and is the backbone of all that there is. Her lethal innovation awes marketers and her lovable planning-organizing-directing -controlling makes us admire her more.

  • Arpit Jain
    Arpit Jain Graphics Guru

    The specky face visualizing, conceiving and creating the compelling illustrations your eyes are drooling on this website. This graphic wizard is armed with expertise after drawing some dangerous art for numerous brands, other than inventing digital magic for Spring House.

  • Siddharth
    Siddharth Expansion Hacker

    One can encounter this sharp mind winning in all sports when he isn’t fishing some ideal & hot properties which would be fruitful for professionals and brands as Spring House Co working. Sid is a native of the Real estate background with his savvy and mastery for the field. This car crazy grinds so that the Spring House community can reach as many people, who can benefit from the coworking spaces and startup ecosystem.

  • Shaharyar Zaidi
    Shaharyar Zaidi Digital Marketing Ninja

    ‘Z’ conquers Social Media at the tip of his fingers. Before taking over our kin and our social media handles by a storm, with his proficiency, this digital marketing Einstein has also floored several agencies with his skills and event execution. Chocolate-boy looks, but this sportsman will amaze you with his hard work and dedication.

  • Neenu Jose
    Neenu Jose People’s Diva

    If you need smiles and solutions, or a few lessons in Bharatnatyam Dance, she is the lady to ping. Her enthusiasm, ideas, and endeavors to infuse fun in work for Springsters, makes each one lookout for her. She takes care of the community of diverse go-getters, as she is one effective achiever herself.

  • Neha Agarwal
    Neha Agarwal Operations Captain

    Her passion and ways with Homo Sapiens makes our coworking spaces and coworkers turn to her. She ensures that each Springster, backend or fore-end springs to their success story smoothly. Bringing her decade-old expertise of managing people and functioning of startups, she handles each functional challenge like a backend boss, day in and day out.

  • Kanupriya Saraf
    Kanupriya Saraf Wordy Wanderer

    You can find her dancing about helping the Spring House family. She plays with words to create groovy and quirky content for budding brands when not exploring the world around. Buzz her for any text that you don’t like here (not that she cares) or enjoy 😉

  • Sara Dhingra
    Sara Dhingra Small Wonder

    Our youngest and most fresh talent. Sara chirps contemporary and hot-off-the-press ideas to develop the SpringHouse community internally and externally. She’s also a Dr.  In the making, and we all have already booked our appointments beforehand.

  • Tanmoy Chakraborty
    Tanmoy Chakraborty Communal Tiger

    Always wearing a grin, but this tech freak has got his digital marketing game strong like rock/teeth. He is the star of Springsters, regulating their needs, commands, and co-working now and then. You can catch our community manager cum social media geek getting Springsters to groove on tunes that he plays on the guitar.

  • Mr. Dinesh
    Mr. Dinesh Genie

    Genie of Spring House’s chemical equation. Our functioning goes out of balance without his presence. He is the ‘behind the curtain’ VIP, without relying on whose foremanship, our other team members and the work-houses wouldn’t run fluently.

  • Mr. Vikas
    Mr. Vikas The unsung hero!

    His humble administration coals the Spring House engine. The gang member sustaining the house since its inception, you can approach him for any operational hiccup and rest assured for it to be solved soon-est.

  • Mr. Diwakar
    Mr. Diwakar ‘Go-To’ Gladiator

    Whether it’s the quintessential Wifi or just anything and everything for smooth day-to-day functioning of our Springsters, he kills/repairs all the bugs that come to bite their everyday journey. A big pillar of support not only for Spring House’s growing up and well-being, but also for all the startups blooming with us.

  • Pantry boys
    Pantry boys Pantry team

    One can witness them running all over our co-working spaces, and multi tasking with 10 hands, to fuel all the startups with each imperative coffee and food request; which this in-house army prepares suiting each entrepreneur’s specific demand, mood and need of the hour. Sigh! What would a startup life be without their maggie, grub and service!

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