5 Ways how coworking spaces have transformed the way we work


There has been a massive transition in the way the millennials are choosing to look at the term ‘work’ and ‘office’.

Co-working spaces are the next big thing – Freelancers, remotely operating startups and digital nomads are ditching traditional glass cubicles and corporate desks for more interactive, informal yet productive work environments. 

Professionals are waving a goodbye to ‘work from home’ operations and refrain from conducting conferences or calls in coffee shops. The conventional office is being replaced with shared work spaces, both for individuals and small or big member teams.

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Spring House Janakpuri, Delhi – “Let me work in a space fueled by fun”

A co-working space opens new doors to growth and is the best deal in the following ways:

1. Benefit Of Working Within A Community and a Robust Ecosystem

The most valuable advantage of a coworking space is that PR specialists, legal assistants, accounting associates, mentoring and encouragement are just a few seats away from you, via the community and within the shared office walls of a co-working space. Eg.  Startups working out of Spring House get practical guidance and book keeping from an in-house operating startup – ‘Books2accounts’ that makes accounting easy. With their support, millenials need not run to a CA for basic accounting stuff, and become independent with managing tasks like tax savings, filings and optimization of current accounts.

2. Cost Saving Setup For Startups

A massive reduction in capital expenditure requirement is gifted by co-working spaces to the startups and entrepreneurs in the form of office furniture, equipments, conference facilities, beverage vending machines etc.

At Spring House, Galleria; a home automation brand, Smart Makerz has wonderfully used IoT to automate lights, fans and the Conditioning in their team Cabin, which they also use as an ‘experience centre’ to display the look and feel of automation to their clients.  

3. Networking & Events that Boost Your Business

Prospects, lead generation, business development and tapping the market within no time; a co-working space provides you an ecosystem where you are able to easily connect with your audience and are able to grow and accelerate your business.

Not only do you acquaint yourself and your business with new clients within the community, but also discover trending business ideas and brands in the market.

During the Spring House tradition of ‘Thursday Tea-tings’ , a weekly event over snacks and tea, Springsters greet their co-workers, collaborate and also interact with an startup outside the community.


Thursday Teatings at Spring House Galleria, Gurgaon – “A lot can happen over tea…professionally ;)”

4. It’s Party Time!

This is the part that we all want to know about a coworking space. No one understands the importance of enjoyment more than the Gen-ex and with the majority of the coworking spaces being run by millennials today, fun at work is never far away for coworkers.

Fun and parties are now very much ingrained into the culture of coworking spaces. Members put in the hard work throughout and the team managing the community makes sure to have festive celebrations, saluting and commemorating the startup spirit.

Wearing jeans, flip flops and shorts is so common that we won’t even dwell much upon them. And if these incentives have already won you over, then let us tell you these are just starters.

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”It’s always celebration o’clock, when you do what you love and love what you do”

5. Flexibility In Managing Your Workplace

We have welcomed many entrepreneurs in our coworking space, who spend majority of their time outside the space meeting the clients and acquiring new business for their startups.

If you also happen to be one of them and think your usage will be only for some certain days of the month, don’t pay for the non-working days and register yourself for a part time plan. Even better, you can opt for daily pass which will give you access to the coworking space for that particular day.

Coworking spaces are always ready to design their package depending upon the requirements of the entrepreneurs and startups.

This kind of flexibility is very hard to find in conventional office spaces, who charge you for the complete month, irrespective of how much time you spend in the space.

At a collaborative office property, you don’t have to worry about using the office at early or late hours, Skype sessions and conference calls post office hours and before beginning the day is taken care of by the best co working properties.

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Spring House Qutub – “Learn a bit more, work a li’l more, chill a bit more”


Co-working spaces promote a conducive challenge for YOU – how far have you grown from where you came. So, if you are still not convinced about whether you want to work from a coworking space or not, why don’t you visit our coworking spaces (spread across 8 locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida) and experience yourself, how your work will be revolutionized forever once you join a coworking space.

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